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The technique involves the transcutaneous sewing (suturing) of the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) to the periosteum, a method known as K-lifting. This procedure allows for the lifting and volumizing of various areas of the face and body without leaving any visible scars. By securely attaching the mobile tissues to immobile structures, we achieve long-lasting aesthetic results and rejuvenation. It’s important to note that this technique solely involves skin punctures, eliminating the need for skin cutting or detachment from the SMAS.

As a result, there are no incisions or excisions made, ensuring that no scars are left behind. The marks from the needle punctures naturally fade away within a few days and become virtually invisible.

Furthermore, the K-Lift procedure is atraumatic and does not require extensive recovery time. Patients experience minimal to no swelling, bruising, or blood loss. They can comfortably resume their daily social and work activities as early as the day after surgery.


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